The simplest and fastest Swiss service provider

Build and manage ultra-fast websites with ease thanks to the constant support of our technicians. Simplify the management of your digital office and streamline your workflow with MooCloud. It's almost as easy as drinking a glass of milk!

Over 120+ compatible Apps for all your needs

with a single MooCloud Account

Website, eShop and Blog

To improve your organization's online presence. With an exceptional collection of tools to create, clone and migrate websites.

Files and Documents

Sharing and synchronizing files is an essential activity. MooCloud offers precisely for this reason a complete set of Apps to collaboratively share and productively work on your files.

Email and Calendar

Complete email setup ready to use. Account management, mailing lists, spam filters and webmail clients.

The best technology available for all, your business and as a private user

The reliable partner to give your company the momentum it needs. Managed hosting, state-of-the-art servers and everything you need to grow your web presence.

Over 120 Compatible Apps

Install and self-configure over 120 Apps thanks to the compatibility with our Single Account function. In less than 1 minute you can access your Apps using a single account, without having to waste time setting up anything.

Open BETA2FA and SSO

Activate 2-factor authentication to improve the security of your Apps while simultaneously allowing you to log in with just a single click, instead of typing in your credentials each time you open an App.

Open Standards

The wide compatibility of MooCloud Single Account is due to the use of the OpenLDAP protocol, which allows you to remain in possession of your own data and even integrate external Apps.

Email 1 Password

A single password for all your email accounts, and one email with many passwords; you will be able to access all your email accounts with a single account and each member of a shared email will be able to access the mailbox with his personal password. Sharing passwords are a thing of the past.

Single Account

One Email, One Password, One Username for All your Apps; you no longer need to set a password for each App, they all use the same one automatically.


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