Managed Cloud Hosting

A Managed Cloud to host your websites, ecommerce and Apps

Each server can host:

2 Apps

20 Users

2 Domains

Unlock Unlimited Servers, Apps and Domains with EasyManager PRO.


EasyManager v2

EasyManager is the centralized control panel of MooCloud, allowing easy access to all your MooCloud products


Access all your servers with just a single click

Unlimited Servers

Manage your servers and those of your customers

Domains and DNS

Buy and use domains and DNS zones

Redis Cache

An extremely fast in-memory key-value database that MooCloud uses to make your E-Shops and Blogs ultra-fast.

CDN Full-Page Cache

With over 90 PoPs (points of presence) in the world, Smart-Routing and Full-Page cache your site will be quickly accessible from all over the world, with excellent performance. The Full-Page cache will allow you to save your page already rendered so as to reduce the use of PHP and therefore your resources.

Open BETAAuto-Optimizer

The CDN available with MooCloud hosting automatically optimizes Images, JavaScript and CSS in real time, and saves them in 5 strategic datacenters, so that the CDN can access your static files faster.

Closed BETAOptimized for WordPress

Each WordPress installation will come equipped with Nginx and Proxy Cache, a stable and performant combination offering you excellent performance without any configuration on your side and excellent compatibility with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Closed BETARamDisk Cache

We offer the possibility to dedicate parts of the RAM of your server as Cache, reducing loading times and thus greatly increasing responsiveness of your WordPress website.

Super Fast Managed WordPress

Just a single click away, MooCloud provides advanced web technologies, otherwise often only offered to expert users. We are able to offer it to everyone by doing the hard work for you!

Cloud Hosting Features

Rapid. Simple. Legendary Assistance - almost as easy as drinking a glass of milk!

Optimized for Speed

Thanks to our Multi-Level caching system and Nginx Proxy, our servers are optimized for maximum performance even under high load thanks to our customized allocation of resources for each software.

NVMe SSD storage

All of our Managed Cloud Hosting plans offer 100% local storage in NVMe SSDs. For performance up to 25x faster than HDDs and 5x faster than SSDs.

Mail Hosting

Each server includes email accounts with full support for IMAP, SMTP and POP3. You can choose your web mail client of choice in the App store to install and use with your email accounts within a single click.

120+ Apps can be installed in one click

Our Store contains many CMS, Collaborative Software, Billing Systems, ERP and much more.

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Managed Updates

Backups of your servers are automatically done before any update. That means even if an update fails, site-reliability and functionality are ensured by simply recovering the backup image.

Advanced Security

Each compatible App (with the LDAP protocol) can use the server authentication system and, to increase security, each App can be assigned to one or more users or groups to be granted access, or access can be set via a password to the URL or domain assigned to a particular App.

Docker Isolation

Thanks to Dockerization, every site, App and software is isolated from each other. This guarantees a very high level of protection and allows you to keep your software up-to-date and safe.

Managed BackUps

Your site includes an incremental backup system that allows you to keep a copy of your server safe for the next 7 days. Before any update, our system will take a snapshot of the machine, providing you with a reliable fallback in case it fails. All done completely automatically.

Managed Hosting?

An updated site is a safer and faster site. If you don't have time to do it, we'll take care of it!

Technologies and Tools for You

The right product for your needs

Divi Builder

Over 1200 layouts and 170 ready-to-use themes

Germany, Finland or US?

You choose where to host your site without any additional costs

Xeon Gold or Epyc 2

We only use the fastest and most up-to-date processors

Incremental Backups

Your backups are saved in our cloud maximizing reliability

DDR4 - Only the Best

We use DDR4 RAM to maximize content-delivery performance

One click login

Log into your WordPress without typing in your credentials

Do you need more power?

Our technicians can configure the Cloud Hosting that best suits your needs

Up to 48 vCPU Epyc Milan
With Reserved Cores
Up to 128GB DDR4 RAM
Up to 160TB on Ceph-HA
Up to 960GB NVMe Local
5+ locations in CH, DE and FI

MooCloud by M. Rezzin
Via Novena 2
6500 Bellinzona